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Our worship

St. Paul's follows a traditional Anglican worship that incorporates music as an integral part of our services. During most of the year, we use the Rite II liturgy from The Book of Common Prayer.   For Lent, we switch to the more traditional Rite I.



Sunday           10:00 am           Holy Eucharist

Many think of Lent as a time of sacrifice; we "give up" the things we love...chocolate, video games, soda and so on, but the season of Lent is really a time to receive. These 40 days we spend preparing for Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection are a time to strenghten our beliefs.

Prayer and and thoughtful questioning are a great place to begin. We offer two links that will give you some ideas for daily prayer and meditation: Lenten Reflections and Lenten Meditations.



Palm Sunday, March 25           10:00 am           Holy Eucharist

Monday through Wednesday, March 26 - 28           8:00 am           Holy Eucharist

Maundy Thursday, March 29,            7:00 pm           Holy Eucharist

        Watch at the Altar of Repose           8:30 pm - midnight

Good Friday, March 30           12:00 noon - 3:00 pm

        Good Friday observance with Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday, March 31           7:30 pm            Easter Vigil      

Easter Sunday, April 1           10:00 am           Holy Eucharist